The Diaconate, or Board of Deacons has as its primary charge assisting in the church’s ministry to those who are in need. They also minister to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress due to illness, death of a loved one, etc. We have 12 deacons assisting in pastoral care for the congregation.

Each month there is a “Deacon on Call” ready to serve in whatever capacity needed. That name is posted in the Sunday Bulletin and is readily available by contacting the office at 855-2390 in case of an emergency or special need.  The Deacons make an average of 80 calls a month to the hospitalized, home bound or nursing home and rehab residents. The current moderator of the Deacons is Jerry Cozad.


Class of 2019

Jerry Cozad

Garry Stumbo

Vicki Erickson

Peggy Prevost

Class of 2020

Mack Bean

Dick Francis

Jan Halgrim

Nancy Ortman

Class of 2021

Linda Ervin

Jeanne Ferguson

John Jaeger

David Rew