Upcoming Events

Mar 23 - 11:00 am
SG #4 lunch at the Bella Vista Bar & Grill
SG #4 will have lunch at the Bella Vista Bar & Grill (Country Club) on Saturday, March 23 at 11:00 am. Reservations are required so please RSVP to Jean Nichols (319-4749) by Sunday, March 17.

Mar 24 - 8:30 am
Understanding of the Bible and its History
Rev. Dr. Ronnie Prevost will be presenting a 4-week deeper delve into Bible Backgrounds. His class will begin Sunday, March 3 at 8:30 am in Classroom A and will end on Sunday, March 24. If you are looking to broaden your understanding of the Bible and its history, this is the class you’ve been waiting for. Ronnie is a passionate teacher and brings the Bible to life.

Mar 24 - 12:30 pm
SG #1 lunch at Monte Né Chicken
SG #1 will have lunch at Monte Né Chicken on Sunday, March 24 at 12:30 pm. Anyone wanting to go is welcome to join us. We will be taking the bus, so get your reservation in early. RSVP to Jim & Marinell Anderson (855-3960).

Mar 28 - 10:00 am
Women's Book Club
The Women’s Book Club meets the last Thursday of each month in the church Parlor. The Club is unique in that we do not all read the same book. We read an author, a topic, or a theme and share with others. All women in the community are invited. For more information see Maryann Sweeney, Ruth Cozad, or Barb Tropansky.

Apr 6 - 11:30 am
SG #3 lunch at the Acropolis Restaurant
SG #3 will have lunch at the Acropolis Restaurant, 905 NW 13th St., Bentonville, on Saturday, April 6th at 11: 30 am. Please RSVP to Jim and Donna Ramey at 855-3171 or djram64@sbcglobal.net. We hope to see you there.

Apr 7 - 10:00 am
University of the Ozarks Chamber Choir leading our Sunday service
On Sunday, April 7, the University of the Ozarks Chamber Choir is coming to lead our Sunday service and we need your help. There will be 26 students that are participating and they all need a place to stay overnight (Saturday night). We will have a potluck dinner for them and the host families on that Saturday. If you would be willing to help us with a bedroom or two, please contact, Jean Nichols (319-4749) or Stephen Knudsen (876-6485) so they can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Apr 12 - 2:30 pm
Anyone who enjoys singing (female & male) is welcome to join us at Highlands Rehab Healthcare Center in Bella Vista for a sing-a-long the 2nd Friday of each month. Questions? Call Nancy Ortman (790-1400).

Apr 14 - 10:00 am
Bring a Friend To Church Sunday
The second Sunday of each month is "Bring a Friend to Church Sunday."

Apr 16 - 3:00 pm
Forgiveness: A Lenten Study from Marjorie J. Thompson
Forgiving others and humbly asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for all Christian believers. Lent, a time to reflect on our Christian journey, is an appropriate time to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. This 6-week class, Tuesdays at 3 pm, March 12-April 16 will be lead by Rev. Dr. Ronnie Prevost and Rev. Dennis Ritchie. The books are $10 each. Please sign up at the Information Center.

Apr 21 - 11:00 am
Your Picture with the Easter Bunny
Children, adults, whomever, have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny in Fellowship Hall after the Easter Church service.