Church Officers – Session

The Congregation is represented by the officers of the church, the Session. It is composed of 15 individuals who serve a three year term. One-third of the group is elected new each year. The terms start in January when the new Elders are installed. The Session meets on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 A.M. unless otherwise notified. Called Session meetings are held upon appropriate notice from the Clerk or Pastors. Elders are assigned to the committees listed.

The Clerk of the Session is Burnis Leavens

Class of 2019

Barry Owen,

Moderator of the
Stewardship & Finance

Jim Prince,

Vice-Moderator of the
Christian Education Committee

Cathy Rew,

Vice-Moderator of the
Stewardship & Finance

Janel Stryker,

Vice-Moderator of the

David Warner,

Vice-Moderator of the
Property Committee

Class of 2020

Marinell Anderson,

Moderator of the Missions Committee

Jerry August,

Moderator of the Worship Committee

Bev McDonald,

Moderator of the
Fellowship Committee

Carolyn Pickell,

Vice-Moderator of the Fellowship Committee

Jean Nichols,

Vice-Moderator of the Worship Committee

Class of 2021

Darcy Humphries

Moderator of the Communications Committee

Elaine Jones,

Moderator of the Christian Education Committee

Darrell Maples,

Moderator of the
Properties Committee

Karen Paxton,

Moderator of the Outreach Committee

Bob Ritschel,

Moderator of the Administrative Committee