Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is a loving place of Remembrance, Tranquility and Solitude. It was created to serve the needs of our church members, former members and their family. 

The PCBV Memorial Garden contains a Scattering Garden, a Columbarium, and a Memorial Wall.

Memorial Wall: The Memorial Wall is for Memorializing any church member, former member or family member with a final resting place other than the PCBV Memorial Garden.

Scattering Garden:  The ashes or cremains of any church member, former member or family member maybe scattered in the Scattering Area.  There is no charge for this.  If desired, a  name plate may be ordered through the church office for a small charge and a member of the Memorial Garden Committee will attach it to the Scattering Garden Plaque.

Columbarium:  The Columbarium is available for the internment of cremated remains of a church member, former member or family member.  Please contact the Pastor for additional information and pricing.


Advantages of our Columbarium & Scattering Garden:

  • A columbarium allows God’s people to be buried (Interred) on church grounds.
  • Historically the church has been the final resting place for its members. We offer this advantage at the Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista.
  • Rising costs of a conventional cemetery burial has made cremation a popular alternative. Our not-for-profit status provides the lowest possible costs.
  • For most of us, Bella Vista is now our home. This church is a major part of our lives. Why not select our columbarium as your final resting place?
  • For additional information and pricing, please contact a Memorial Garden Committee member or a pastor.

Memorial Garden Information:

  • The Memorial Garden was started as a vision for our church.
  • The Scattering Garden, completed in 2012, was the first part of the vision to be completed.
  • A Memorial Garden Committee was formed to develop a Master Plan and raise funding to enhance and expand the Memorial Garden offering. After two years of work the current Memorial Garden was completed in December 2015.
  • A Master Plan is in place which contains additions for more Columbarium and Memorial Walls as well as additional pathways and meditation areas.
  • Funding for the Memorial Garden came from Member Gifts and various committees within the church.
  • Additional funding comes when “Memorial Garden” is written on a check or envelope of money in memory of a deceased friend or family member.
  • It was created as a place of peace and remembrance for our members and as a legacy for future generations.
  • Please take time to visit the Memorial Garden in the island located directly across from the Sanctuary entrance.