Good News!

We are so glad you found this Good News! Seriously, we want to share what is good and happening now. I bet you need some good news in your life. Here we have several avenues for exploring faith. The first is titled Good News and this is our most current event blog with things happening you are invited to participate in. You will find out about any new classes, sing-a-longs, ways to serve in mission and be a part of life here. The next is Holy Spokes. This is our video blog where Pastor Judi invites cyclists to share about their work and life on the trail and beyond. Sometimes, in order to discuss sensitive topics, we need some fresh air to engage in healthy dialogue and hear what is being spoken. Word and Image is our on-line art gallery to showcase church artists who share their work inside fellowship hall. We interview and share their images, and invite you to take a moment to see through their eyes. Hearing Matters is a new blog with interviews and stories to help us delve into issues of “what are we hearing?” and “why does it matter to us?” This is a space to engage fruitful conversations, fun stories, and consider where we are heading as a church.

With all of these ways to get Good News! we hope to spark your faith to grow and flourish.